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Califur's website for 2012 is live!
 califur - (pretty_omi)
01:28pm 21/12/2011
Omi Panda posting in Califur

Check out this year's snazzy new website! Don't forget to pre-reg while you're there too!
Pre-reg is currently $35, but will go up on Dec 31!
mood: excitedexcited
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Califur registration is open!
 califur - (pretty_omi)
11:44am 29/11/2011
Omi Panda posting in Califur
It may be the Holiday Season, but it's always good to treat yourself too ;3
That said, Califur registration is now open! Register now to secure the cheapest rate!
The current price is $35. Registration prices go up December 31st!


The rest of our website is still under construction, and should be finished shortly, so stay tuned!
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Califur's policy on parties
 califur - (pretty_omi)
02:35pm 17/10/2011
Omi Panda posting in Califur
This information comes from Oggywolf, I'm just cross-posting it here for convenience, originally posted on her journal here http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2823065/

"Hey everyone! I'm making this post without my Califur hat on, just like I did last year. I will be making one now, as well as one closer to the convention as a reminder. Please keep in mind that I am making these statements under my own will, and without my Califur affiliations attached. So, here's what I have to say: Last year when I let you guys know that you can host parties under other names worked well. This year it's going to be a bit of the same. If you plan to have a party, don't call it such!

Call it a: gathering, social, tea, dance, orgy.... I don't care (ok maybe not orgy, but you get the idea)just anything other than a party. This prevents the hotel from having a reason to shut you down. Remember, what the hotel doesn't know they can't bust you for! So make sure you do not post anything up with the word party on it at the convention! This gives us a way to do what we do best after hours, and keep everyone happy! Hey, I'm just as bad my room usually looks like a bar. ;) Now, you may spread word of the party on FA, SoCalFurs, AIM, E-mail or whatever and call it a party.

Just don't call it that on site. Keep it on the DL. Now for the booze in room notation. If you have drinks in your room, you are responsible if the hotel or CFAC comes calling. This means it is VERY wise not to have minors in the room, and to card if this is the type of event you will be hosting in your room. Don't let just ANYONE into your room to party. This leads to major issues. Keep it to these rules, and you'll make it so we can all enjoy our party time. If you see someone being a herp derp and doing things outside of these notations let them know.

We don't want someone ruining it for all of us. Since the theme this year is Roaring 20's I expect there to be quite a few speakeasys in hiding. Have fun, be safe, and enjoy your convention! If you want to ask me something in regards to these party notes, or have a general question about califur..... let the Wolf/Raven know! I'm easy to get a hold of, just poke my AIM Amegin02. This AIM name is just for Califur questions! "
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FNL 2011 Califur
 califur - (furball2k)
04:50pm 16/07/2011
furball2k posting in Califur
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F.N.L. Stage Ninjas
 califur - (furball2k)
06:42pm 07/07/2011
furball2k posting in Califur
Everyone the FNL videos are in the final editing stages and will be posted soon... Stay Tuned!!!
We need to give our proper big thanks to all those involved in making Furry Night Live possible!!!
We would especially like to thank our three stage ninjas however we're lacking two of the three ninja's names

Can you help?

Stage Ninja:
1. DJ Palmquist
2. ???
3. ???
location: Editing Bay
mood: busybusy
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Califur 2011 photos
 califur - (tastyeagle)
12:04pm 07/07/2011
Tasty Eagle posting in Califur
Hey there. I'm a bit behind in my photo editing, but I got my batch done and posted up at Flickr. Take a look. If you were at Califur this year, you 'may' have been photographed.

mood: okayokay
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Califur Photos!
 califur - (ttigon)
10:53pm 10/06/2011
TTigon posting in Califur
 Yup they're finally up! Apologies for taking so long, but going through hundreds of photos and doing the necessary edits on them take quite a bit of time. I give anybody permission to re-post, but if you do I kindly ask you to credit back to my FA account: www.furaffinity.net/user/thienn.

If got any questions or want a picture removed message me, pm me, find a way to contact me and I'll do my best to answer them. 

Link to the photos: picasaweb.google.com/100312560788653829369/Califur2011

P.S. Props to DJ VULP who did the lighting this year for FNL. Made it much easier to photograph. 
tags: photos
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 califur - (almightytora)
09:11pm 09/06/2011
almightytora posting in Califur
My pictures from the Califur.7 convention are up. Enjoy.


My brief recap of the convention will be on my personal LiveJournal, which is FRIENDS ONLY.

tags: photos
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 califur - (lechristophe)
10:44am 07/06/2011
Christopher Cox posting in Califur

Hey thar, fuzzballs one and all! Not to be obnoxiously vain here, but has anyone by chance spotted Califur pics of a critter...
               ...With this noggin...                                                                  ...atop this body??? 

This mischief-wreaking culprit may also have been sporting a Hawaiian shirt and a lei!  ;D

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 califur - (thatrandomname)
12:36am 07/06/2011
thatrandomname posting in Califur
does Raven have a site? I'm trying to find a song off his set,
it was the song before he played Du Hast
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