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Thank You All!
 califur - (shinragod)
06:36pm 09/06/2009
shinragod posting in Califur
For my first Furry Con and for my first time experience as a salesman in the Dealer's den, you all made it an incredible experience!!

Not only was my venue profitable but I met many wonderful people here at CaliFur; making it a weekend I will never forget.
I only wish a lot of you lived right here in Irvine where the event took place. You are all so awesome; I just wanna take you all home right now .X-3

Well I'll definitely be at the next CaliFur; and I will probably be a vendor again. My prices will probably remain the same but I'll have some newer more exciting materials to sell.

Again thank you all for making my first furry con and sales experience a memorable and happy one!! I got a lot of memories on camera and video I'd love to share with you. Look up some of my footage on Youtube under 'shenloken2' when it' uploaded.

Again thank you all!! You guys ROCK!!! 

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