Samantha G. Olson (anuvia) wrote in califur,
Samantha G. Olson

Very Impressed!

Hey there everyone!

Just dropping by to say thanks to all of the con staff and other attendees. This was my first fur-con and you all made it such a welcoming experience.

The staff did an amazing job making sure the con was fun and functional and their efforts are so very much appreciated. You all deserve a hearty pat on the back <3

The hotel and the hotel staff also went above and beyond the call of duty. They all we kind and pleasant and so very helpful. The rooms were nice without being overly expensive and the room service always made sure we had what we needed.

Great hotel choice, guys C:

As for fellow attendees, you all made the experience so very wonderful. Everyone was so kind and courteous and so many of you went out of your way to make sure the newbies felt welcome <3

So thanks everyone for making the con an excellent experience for not only me, but the three other newbies in my room as well.

Cheers, and see you all next year! :D

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