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Had a great time!
 califur - (farraptor)
10:12pm 08/06/2009
Far Raptor posting in Califur
Just wanted to say that I had a wonderful time this year. You guys did good with the hotel...this place was a far cry from last year's experience.

Really, it made for an epic weekend!

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mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: Ding!
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05:48am 09/06/2009 (UTC)
Omi Panda
So glad to see you there! Sorry I had to fangirl over you, but your suit is one of my all time faves! Hopefully we'll get to see more of you next year!
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06:29am 09/06/2009 (UTC)
Far Raptor: Sunny Day
Good times, hon. Was great meeting you!

See ya' next year for sure.
picword: Sunny Day
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04:13pm 09/06/2009 (UTC)
furball2k: Rock N' Roll
aaYYYEEEAAHHH Fangirls Rock!!!
We need more of them ;-)

Good Times as always California Knows How To Party =^_^=
picword: Rock N' Roll
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