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Califur! W00t!
 califur - (oggydoggie)
08:49pm 08/06/2009
OggyWolf posting in Califur
Over all the con was a blast! I had so much fun this year that it kicked all of the other years asses. :3 I had some issues that needed to be jump kicked by our CFAC(con security) but they were fixed quickly. *Hugs all of CFAC*

I had fun running the P.A.N.T. Panel and will be running it again next year. I must say that this con was the best I have ever been to and I look forward to next year! All of my art sold so I want to thank everyone that bought from my panel, I have some art I need to be giving to two people next time I see them! Hehe

I hope you all liked the conbook Vidwulf and I worked hard to make it snazzy!

And if you guys were lucky enough to catch my sexy Clane DJing and liked his music, please let me know if you'd like to hear him again. I would be more then happy to let him DJ in my room again next year. :3 You can catch him DJing with my other three boys at my land in SL. Just poke OggyWolf Rosewood in game for location.
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Califur! WOOt!
04:47am 10/06/2009 (UTC)
Your welcome and we are always there to help
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(no subject)
06:42am 10/06/2009 (UTC)
Calico Cat
What's P.A.N.T. stand for? Google submerges the whole search in clothing, with one listing for an animal charity which is probably not what you're talking about.
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(no subject)
05:45am 13/06/2009 (UTC)
Saúl: Huh
I was wondering the same thing, meself...
picword: Huh
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