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Firstly, a shout out to everyone on the security staff for keeping us safe and their many sleepness nights. This years' con for me was complicated, between disappointments of no internet to use my credit card to buy more stuff than I was able to with cash, to not getting to see many of my college friends. To saturday everyone loving my art and all the cute boys getting painted and then my paint not working. I really was sevearly crushed. but thanks to kind words and the love and support of friends, the awesome show staff for finding me music last minute, I was able to break out, ignore the fact that I was a pink and just get out and have a blast. Sunday was mostly me working on arts and being lost in everything. Kisses and hugs to whoever found the top to my swim suit! I found it in my back pack when I unpacked at home today with a note that said "I found this. Good Show!" Overall, I had an amazing time! I love you guys!

Personal shouts:
Jessie-you will be so missed. You go out of your way to calm me down and make me smile. Hopefully this won't have been the last time we see each other.

Kat- you picked me up when I was expecting to help carry you. You've always been so wonderful in your graciousness and ability to perk me up whether it's relationship drama with my ex, current drama with some where person at con or missing my 'color' you are amazing and I wish you weren't always so busy and we could just chill.

Stalking cat- your artistry is so important. I'm sorry the paint sucked.

Haze- for the most wonderfully brutalizing massage. thanks to you, I can walk.

Leo-for helping me out with my numbers

Shard- for not being creepy and being a funny, nice guy

Blue Stripe-for being funny and cheerful (and food money)

Michele Light- for drawing the awesome gun. I know it sucked. I'm sorry! It looks so great though!

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