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Just wanted to post saying I had a simply fantastic time! This was my third year attending Califur, and this was by leaps and bounds the best year yet! I found the hotel to be a vast improvement from last year, and both the staff there and the volunteers were amazing and extremely helpful. Everybody seemed to go out of their way to be accommodating.

Special thanks to Sin for being especially helpful. She really seemed to be working hard with the fursuiters, and I'm personally very thankful she was there to help me. :)

I'm afraid I was unable to attend some of the earlier panels on Friday due to registration issues, but I still thought the ones on fursuiting sounded very interesting in particular, and I hope to see some more along the same lines next year.

Even though I was only able to go for one day I had a splendid time, and wanted another chance to give a heartfelt thank you to all who made Califur this year something to remember.

On that note, I was unable to take pictures since I was suiting most of the time (short pink thing with big ears ;) and I was wondering if anyone has pictures they've posted/or are willing to share.

My email is Lucerenative@aol.com I just want the pictures for my own personal use, and will not post them without permission.


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