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Califur Ice Cream Social?
 califur - (cockyfox)
09:36pm 21/05/2008
YiffyFox posting in Califur
Well, this is not a bash post.  I am legitimately curious as to why people think the Ice Cream Social may have gone bad.  I personally did not attend Friday.  So I could not be witness to its goodness or badness.  I've heard rumors that it was bad, and was wondering what kind of funky chit went down in the city!
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Trapa (Mr. Lion Pants): The ice cream social.
12:17am 23/05/2008 (UTC)
Okay, so the ice cream social every year is one of the events we do to get our catering budget met. You see each and every year we are required to order a certain minimum amount of money for catering or the hotels won't sign a contract with us.

Now we could easily decide to just buy ourselves and staffers catered events and keep it all to ourselves, but several years ago, someone came up with the idea of a ice cream social. The ice cream social is suppose to be three flavours of ice cream scooped into bowls with extra toppings like chocolates and oreos and all kinds of stuff.

This costs us about 7-15$ per head. Now ... because thats a bit expensive, and because we don't want everyone at the convention to go and flood the place, we order usually about 150 people worth of ice cream, and then sell tickets to recoup some of the costs and to limit attendance. The cost we sell the tickets for is 2.50 or 3.00.

Now this year the hotel seems to have had a misunderstanding, or just downright didn't want to co-operate. So instead of doing a nice ice cream social like they have done in previous years, they did this. Well .. it kinda sucked, but you did get two ice cream bars for the price you paid so I dare say no one was ripped off in terms of price. (except us)

Now .. as for bringing food in, well that's specifically banned. Why you ask? Well it's simple, if the hotel just LET us bring in food for the things like the ice cream social, why on earth would we pay their outrageous prices?

So yeah, ice cream social didn't go according to plan, if this was your first, don't give up on it. It's a fun event. If it wasn't your first, I can understand why you may be upset, but we'll try to fix er up for next year.
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