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Califur bitching
 califur - (cockyfox)
04:23pm 21/05/2008
YiffyFox posting in Califur
I'm not here to bitch.  I'm here to congratulate.  As has been already pointed I think a lot the major issues were out of the control largely of the con staff.  That being said, the other little stuff.  Well no con, and I mean NO CON, ever runs 100% smoothly.  Not even the big PROFESSIONALLY produced industry ones.  Sure there were some minor speed bumps.  But to be honest CaF4 being my furst con of any kind since CF10; I was actually very pleasantly surprised at both the size, number of attendees, and how well it went given the hotel space constraints.  My congratulations and hearty thanks to all the con staff for the hard work they did.  I'll go back next year if at all possible, even if its at the same hotel.  Kudos!

Great Job Califur Staff!!
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(no subject)
12:47am 22/05/2008 (UTC)
I agree, I plan on going next year because I had a real good time.
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