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my thoughts on Califur

Everyone is being really whiney and it's annoying. At least no one mentioned anything bad about the Cabaret.

The hotel was annoying, but who goes to a con FOR THE HOTEL? You go to see friends and do stuff. If the stuff you were doing or the friends you were seeing didn't do it for you also, then I might look for things to gripe about.

You got filmed for a documentary DONE BY A FURRY. Furs need good publicity, the least you could do is help out. If seeing yourself in the video embarasses you, maybe you're in the wrong fandom.

The con staff was great. Leave them alone or YOU TRY BEING ON STAFF!

Just like a customer starts telling you how much money they spend at your store when they think they won't get what they want, people seem to do that too, as if going to 30 cons means you're so much better or deserve to have a better time at a con than say, someone who's going to a con for the first time. You act like you're a movie critic, telling us why the con was bad. I had a great time! I can't wait till next year. Some parts were better than other cons. Some were worse. Big deal. The important part of the con, the part were I got to see my friends, was better than I could've hoped.

Stop rubbing my fur the wrong way and keep your negative vibe to yourself.

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