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Charity Stuffs
 califur - (blujaguar)
10:55pm 20/05/2008
BluJaguar posting in Califur
From what I hear we pulled in about $600 from the pet auction, and another $1500 or so from the cabaret. Not too bad considering the economy... Hopefully someone will update this with exact figures soon.

Problems that can hopefully be avoided in the future:
· Pulled together last minute after long bouts of poor communication. EFBC initially seemed reluctant to even be associated with us after 'similar conventions raised money and failed to deliver it' or somesuch. ouch.
· Con scheduled for same days as EFBC's busiest weekend for staff (nobody could come to the con)
· Not enough info about what money is needed for, and why.
· Auctioned the membership at the cabaret instead of in the general art show space.
· Sadly, I've been informed that they do not have the insurance to bring animals offsite. (nothing I can do about this really)

Assuming we can get the EFBC the money raised in a timely manner, I think they'll be very cooperative in the future. I'll be trying to include them as much as possible in future cons, so I've decided that *any* time the EFBC is the charity, there will be a lifetime membership up for auction (in the general art show) I'm also toying with the idea of a raffle... even at $1 per ticket I think we could raise more money than an auction will bring in, while giving more people the chance to win it. If you missed out this year and want another shot at a membership, help pressure the board of directors to get the EFBC as charity again next year. ;)

Anyway, none of the ideas mean much until we have given over the raised funds, and have firm dates and a location for the next year that the EFBC would be the charity... With more time and a lot less barriers to communication, I think we could get some staff to come down and lead panels, or at the very least sit outside the dealer's room with a donation jar and adorable photos for sale... anyway, rambling more than usual now, so I'll stop now.
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11:04am 22/05/2008 (UTC)
Well hell, if the EFBC is going to be ultra snotty because CaF is not giving them donations fast enough. Then I put forward the idea that there are a butt load of other furry charities we can give to. Moonlight Ridge Zoo in BIg Bear. Wildlife Weighstations, Malibu Wildlife Rescue center ad nauseum. Hell I don't know what's so special. I think the fandom is too enamored of felines sometimes. Whats wrong with finding a wolf sanctuary or a marine mammal group that needs the cash. Doesn't anyone like canids or sea lions anymore?
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11:07am 25/05/2008 (UTC)
I'm biased. :P
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(no subject)
05:50am 23/05/2008 (UTC)
I vote for Wilflife weightstations. I love them and they do such good.
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