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Long time FurCon goer - My Thoughts on Things
 califur - (diadexxus)
08:13am 20/05/2008
Diadexxus posting in Califur
A bit about me:
I am on staff of another well know con, I am BIG into fursuiting, I have been going to FurCons for 7 years, and Scifi Cons for 15 years... So I have some experience on how Conventions are run.

This was my second year at this particular Con. I was mostly disappointed with this years Califur.


--A beautiful con book, great work on designing that.

--A cool "Whats To Eat Around Here" hand out

--A $10 dinner provided by the Con.

--There were quite a few places around the con to go eat at (just that it was SO hot to GO walking)


--Fursuit Lounge - UPSTAIRS... UGH!!! At least there were plenty of fans, but WTF was with the water in GLASS CUPS!? I think changing the Internet room and Fursuit Lounge would have been smarter. It was SO hot in the hotel, I was dying in suit by the time I got upstairs to the Lounge. Glass is VERY dangerous while wearing paws.

--REGISTRATION SUCKED. HANDS DOWN That was the worst registration out of *ANY* Con I have ever been to, SciFi OR Furry (Well over 30 cons). GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER NEXT YEAR. 2 HOURS waiting in line while "having technical difficulties" is bullshit. It's why you have things checked THE NIGHT BEFORE. If the computers were down, why not set up a "Plan B" that people can fill out a form to be put in by YOUR staff (not us on that whole TWO computers)

--EXTREMELY expensive parking. Couldn't the con work out something for $5/day instead of $13/day?

--Con Staff Badge Nazi's. They were hounding me while IN suit just wondering around the hotel, NOT in direct Con Space! This was just rude. I HATE wearing badges when in suit, but I will if I am going to a panel, or going into con space..but wondering a hotel? Not usually required by any con.

--No one knew who was running what! It was the most disorganized / paneless con I have been to. I had to run TWO Panels, and I am not even on staff!! You guys begged me, so sure, I spent my personal time and helped the fursuiters. It would have been NICE if someone that was on staff said "thank you" or threw a shirt at me or something as a thank you.

--Lame black screens made me feel unwanted.

--*** I DID NOT GIVE MY OK TO ANYONE TO VIDEO TAPE ME!!*** I tried to find SOMEONE to tell that I didn't want myself or my purple lemur to be video taped by the "professionals". When I asked about it, the staff just shrugged and didn't really tell me what to do or who to talk to.

--As has been said before, Hotel was MUCH too big for a con this size, the hotel could have been HALF the size and it would have fit nicely.
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05:26am 21/05/2008 (UTC)
Sin: Champ
Hmm, let me make a few points with your point. Most importantly.

-Try to get a hold of the con staff, there was a deal made with the hotel about parking, if you were charged 13, you were over charged.

- They shouldn't off hounded you like that for your badge, I wasn't. From what I hear people got in trouble because of that.

- as for running pannels... I agree >.< I ended up co-running one myself, lets not mention fursuit show and tell.

Theres alot of other things that could be mentioned, but lets hope next year will be better. I believe somebody said something about 'training a new hotel' maybe that will apply to this one.

picword: Champ
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(no subject)
07:47am 21/05/2008 (UTC)
Tasty Eagle: Brillo-SK
It would be nice if staff bothered to mention that parking would be free for members. Guess where I read that? Nowhere! Not on their webpage, that's for sure. I looked because I considered renting a car during my stay. The only mention of parking was on the hotel's webpage saying it cost $13/day. So I took a cab to the hotel instead.

Maybe important information like that should be communicated to the membership. There's a lot of important information and issues that 'still' have not been addressed by the executive staff.
picword: Brillo-SK
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(no subject)
04:32pm 21/05/2008 (UTC)
-There was great confusion over parking, though I was able to avoid paying by simply leaving late enough in the evening for the gate to be up.

Yes, you did. When you signed the form to get your badge. Did you read it? And the signs all over DID say you could ask not to be filmed.

-Fursuit Lounge upstairs: Agreed. It should have been first floor. Preferably where the gaming area was for convenience.

-Panels: Yeah, I ended up doing the same thing for a panel.

-As for the black screens, when you pay five figures for a wedding (a lot more than the con was paying for the hotel), you better expect preferential treatment.

-Overall, the place is great, but it's far bigger than needed for present growth rates.
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(no subject)
09:23pm 21/05/2008 (UTC)
Diadexxus: Dia pissed
Read again, I DID ask not to be filmed and I was SHRUGGED OFF!!
what form? the electronic one? Thats a sneaky bullshit way of passing it off when I had been standing in line for 2 hours and just wanted to get through.

TOTAL BULLSHIT I say. And I will look into getting a lawyer about this if I have to if I end up on their "movie"

picword: Dia pissed
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(no subject)
09:43pm 21/05/2008 (UTC)
Tasty Eagle: Brillo-SK
The convention is responsible for protecting their attendees from prying eyes of the outside world. But instead you are saying I signed a document that protects the outside world (the camera crew and unknown pushy photographer) from the convention attendees.

Exactly where do Califur's priorities lie? Are they promoting the enjoyment of the attendees? Or are they promoting some kind of social agenda for public consumption with their attendees giving tacit approval? They can promote their agenda on their own time. Feel free to put your own face in front of that camera. I do not want to be used for someone else's profit motive.

Regardless of what the document said, Califur sold us down the river.
picword: Brillo-SK
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(no subject)
06:11pm 21/05/2008 (UTC)
Curtain shredder and booze drinker.: Purrr...
Yeah, the wait in line was definitely a bit much for me. It was amusing to have you and your lemur friend to chat with while waiting to help pass the time though! It was great to meet you and be stranded in line alongside you. :)

On a side note about the parking, I only discovered that it was supposed to be discounted and had not been on my receipt. When I discovered this at the Scritch & Bitch I went back to the hotel desk to correct it and was informed that $13 was the fee for my stay with the con group. I then went back to the con staffer that mentioned the con rate and she was going to correct that for me and some others that had spoken with her.

Edited at 2008-05-21 06:15 pm (UTC)
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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
(no subject)
09:25pm 21/05/2008 (UTC)
Diadexxus: Dia pissed
-They should have given more warnings about the filming though we were warned about it in the fine print.

There was two signs I saw about being filmed but *NOT WHO TO CONTACT IF YOU DID NOT WANT TO BE ON THE VIDEO* That is what I am bitching about.

picword: Dia pissed
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(no subject)
07:54am 22/05/2008 (UTC)
I agree with you on a few points, Diadexxus.

The fursuit lounge could have been in the "Internet Lounge" where there were only 4 computers. I didn't see the glass in the fursuit lounge... all I saw were plastic cups. Maybe staff changed it when I went in there the first time.

I also missed the registration hell, apparently. However, I wondered why everyone who pre-reg'd had to do it again. (I was told that there was a computer hiccup.)

Parking was indeed outrageous, and if it was supposed to be discounted or free, mostly no one knew about it. (I already suggested some ideas on the parking thread above this one.)

I didn't experience the "con badge Nazis" as you put it, but a couple of my friends had some very rude con staff treat them inappropriately in my opinion. I told Summercat about the incidents and they were documented and Trapa knows about them.

It was great to see you at the meet and greet. It was an honor to talk to you at FC as well (in the back during the masquerade). Have been a fan of your winged tiger since I saw it in 2001.
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