May 21st, 2008

Fursuit numbers

Can anyone give me an estimate on how many different fursuits were seen wondering the halls of the convention. Not counting the fursuit parade because not every suit in the parade wonders around the convention area. At least 50 right?

my thoughts on Califur

Everyone is being really whiney and it's annoying. At least no one mentioned anything bad about the Cabaret.

The hotel was annoying, but who goes to a con FOR THE HOTEL? You go to see friends and do stuff. If the stuff you were doing or the friends you were seeing didn't do it for you also, then I might look for things to gripe about.

You got filmed for a documentary DONE BY A FURRY. Furs need good publicity, the least you could do is help out. If seeing yourself in the video embarasses you, maybe you're in the wrong fandom.

The con staff was great. Leave them alone or YOU TRY BEING ON STAFF!

Just like a customer starts telling you how much money they spend at your store when they think they won't get what they want, people seem to do that too, as if going to 30 cons means you're so much better or deserve to have a better time at a con than say, someone who's going to a con for the first time. You act like you're a movie critic, telling us why the con was bad. I had a great time! I can't wait till next year. Some parts were better than other cons. Some were worse. Big deal. The important part of the con, the part were I got to see my friends, was better than I could've hoped.

Stop rubbing my fur the wrong way and keep your negative vibe to yourself.

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Filming at Califur- documentary

Hello Califur attendees,

I’ve said these things in the comments but as they tend to get buried I’m making a post here.

I am the filmmaker (Rabbit hole films) who is making the documentary. I had one cameraman with me at the convention.
I sincerely apologize for disturbing anyone at the convention, I feel really bad about it.

If you think you were filmed and do not want to be, then please do email me and I will not include you. There are many furs who are gladly participating and there is no need, nor do I have any wish, to include anyone who does not want to be in the documentary.

I totally understand anyone's not wanting to be filmed. The signs that were put around are the ‘standard’ signs that you legally have to put up, but  I realize (from a suggestion by a fur, and also a head of another convention) that a better way to do it would have been to make it very clear to every attendee, like at registration or something, that there would be filming going on, in addition to the signs that were posted.
Also we should have made it really clear to every attendee- not to worry, that if you don't want to be filmed to have a simple way of letting me or the camera guy know- so that we would be sure NOT to film you- and if you were in a scene by accident, we would be sure to not use that shot in the documentary.

Please know that in the documentary I will and have always intended to carefully edit the material and to be very careful with crowd scenes, etc. in such a way so as to not focus on people's faces who have not consented to be in the film.
By filming in the common areas I am trying to convey a sense that this is a real community, and to dispel the stereotype that furries live in their parents' basements and have no friends. Also when people see that there are hundreds, thousands of people who share this interest- it makes it harder to bash them or call them freaks.

That said, I understand and respect if you don’t want to be filmed.  Again, if you think you might have been filmed and don't want to be, please just email me, and I'll do everything I can to respect your wishes. I’m truly sorry to have upset anyone or to have gotten in the way of anyone's having fun.

As for the Califur organizers, I cannot speak for them- but I believe that they have gone out on a limb in trusting that this documentary is a genuine attempt to portray furries in a positive and fair light, and I know that was their sincere hope and intention in allowing me to film, after seeing how furries have been so misrepresented in the past. So if you are upset about the documentary, please blame me, not them.

I welcome any comments or suggestions; please feel free to email me at: info at rabbitholefilms dot com.

Thank you.

Califur bitching

I'm not here to bitch.  I'm here to congratulate.  As has been already pointed I think a lot the major issues were out of the control largely of the con staff.  That being said, the other little stuff.  Well no con, and I mean NO CON, ever runs 100% smoothly.  Not even the big PROFESSIONALLY produced industry ones.  Sure there were some minor speed bumps.  But to be honest CaF4 being my furst con of any kind since CF10; I was actually very pleasantly surprised at both the size, number of attendees, and how well it went given the hotel space constraints.  My congratulations and hearty thanks to all the con staff for the hard work they did.  I'll go back next year if at all possible, even if its at the same hotel.  Kudos!

Great Job Califur Staff!!

Califur Ice Cream Social?

Well, this is not a bash post.  I am legitimately curious as to why people think the Ice Cream Social may have gone bad.  I personally did not attend Friday.  So I could not be witness to its goodness or badness.  I've heard rumors that it was bad, and was wondering what kind of funky chit went down in the city!