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Thanks for the con
 califur - (tastyeagle)
01:49pm 07/05/2007
Tasty Eagle posting in Califur
I had a great time at Califur. It was my first Califur, and my first southern California con since 2001. Thanks to those who set it all up.

The hotel had its issues, and there were some problems with organization at times, but I think things went pretty smoothly for a convention that size. I had a fun, relaxing time.

Especially due to the change in hotel, I plan on showing up again for next year if the weekend is free. More space will help a lot.
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04:32am 08/05/2007 (UTC)
Special J (Final Sunset)
Mhmm. I agree. This was my first Califur, (and first furry convention as well), and I had a wonderful time! Thanks to everyone who took the time to put this together, and to all the volunteers and artists who put in their time too!

Can't wait to go next year! ;)
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05:35am 08/05/2007 (UTC)
This was also my first con, I had a blast there. I can't wait until the next one, I'm already registered for it.
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04:26am 09/05/2007 (UTC)
Good times, etc. Fuck the hotel and fuck that one dude on security (HEYA YOTE) but beyond that, awesome.

I loves me the head of security =^.^=

I'm looking forward to next year where we've got more space to actually congregate and hopefully less flight attendants to piss off.
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