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Cabaret Announcement for Califur 2013
 califur - (oggydoggie)
01:47am 26/03/2013
OggyWolf posting in Califur
A word from Kat Leopardess, one of our Cabaret staff regarding Cabaret acts:

Attention, furgrams! From dance numbers to filking and anything in between … it's time to dig out our best electronics and costuming for Cabaret Fur Le Dance 2013. A Southern California favorite, Cabaret brings you adult-friendly stage entertainment. From suggestive burlesque acts, to talented singers belting out a tune, Cabaret Fur Le Dance is going high tech. Lit costumes are highly encouraged to emphasize any act you might be performing.

This year, Califur (and in turn, Cabaret) will be raising money for the California Wolf Center (http://www.californiawolfcenter.org/). It is our hope that our funds will aid the CWC with introducing more Mexican Grey Wolves back into the wild. Throughout the convention weekend, our programming will be raising funds to supporting the education which the California Wolf Center provides.

Planning can go a long way till we reach run-time and we want you guys to be as prepared as possible. So, here are some guidelines to get you started, as written by our Cabaret 2nd, Zacharaiah:

1) All acts will have their music submitted and approved by the Friday of the convention by midnight. No music, no dance, simple as that. There are NO exceptions.

2) All acts will be approved before rehearsals by either Stego, Myself or the stage manager. If you are approved for the show, we will decide what section of the show you will be placed in.

3) All costuming must stick to the following criteria: Be sure that your minimal/lingerie garments are proper size. Female nipples must also be covered. A sheet of costuming guidelines will be passed out at our Friday meeting/rehearsal (5/31/2013) that will explain this with visuals. Stay tuned for further updates on this.

4) Please, if at all possible, stick to our theme for the con, "Furtual Reality". Meaning of course, nice glowing stripes, colorful “fur-toos” which can be seen well under the lights, etc.

Even if you are unsure that your act fits, please feel free to contact us and suggest your idea. Please email our talent coordinator at kat.leopardessofzion@gmail.com and we will get you in touch with our team!

In addition, we want to make sure people understand the following elements which we continue to restrict from any acts appearing in our show:

- Minors. Sorry, you must be at least 18 years old to attend or perform in our show.

- Full Nudity.

- Sexual Acts

- Incendiaries & Explosives

- Projectiles or Any actions which involve throwing objects into the audience

- Body-Fluids of any sort

- Torturing of any living being

- Age Play

- Anything Else that is Illegal in the State of California

Not quite ready to go into the arena?... Become part of the backstage crazyness! Every year, we always need someone to keep our code in order by efficiently moving props and scenery on and off stage. If you wish to volunteer for this, please let us know.
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04:04pm 26/03/2013 (UTC)
almightytora: Growly
I would like to help in some way, as I have the previous two years. If any acts need a fursuiter for a comedy effect (or just moving stuff on/off stage), please let me know by a private message here.
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