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Califur extends their paw to the Bronies
 califur - (pretty_omi)
11:17am 17/05/2012
Omi Panda posting in Califur
This year at Califur we're extending a warm paw to all the Bronies, Pegasisters (and just normal pony fans :P) out there!
We have some Brony specific programming planned for Saturday June 2nd. Some of these offerings are even no-badge required events, for the Brony on the budget.

*Starting at 11am, we have the Equestrian Embassy. An all purpose Brony meet to start off the day in the Furum.
At 1:00 pm we have a How to Draw Ponies panel. Hosted by Anuvia, in the Newport Beach Room.
*We'd like to invite anyone with a pony Cosplay to join our fursuit parade at 2:30pm.
*We also have a professional photographer offering free photos in the Furum from 1pm till 7pm, so you can get a nice photo of your costume as well.
*At some point during the afternoon, there will be a Mare-a-thon in our movie room.
*In the evening there will be a Brony Reception in one of the hotel rooms (more info on this to come at the convention).
And at 11pm we will be having our Saturday night dance!
We also have a large Dealer's Hall, which I know several vendors are offering pony stuff this year. You will need a membership to enter the Dealer's Hall.

Events marked with a * means no badge is required to attend this event.
We do sell single day passes on site at the convention, or you can pre-reg now for the entire weekend con for $40 on our website now!

Hope to see some of you there!
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(no subject)
11:20pm 17/05/2012 (UTC)
Spottacus "Spotti" Cheetah
Clop clop! (*gasps* in the audience)
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