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Help Bring Serpy Home!!
 califur - (pretty_omi)
01:10pm 16/03/2012
Omi Panda posting in Califur
Yesterday in a terrible accident, the life of a dear fur named Vex was taken. He and his wife Serpy are a friend to many on our staff at Califur. A few months back they moved from So Cal out to the East Coast. Serpy is now stranded out there, and we are asking that anyone who can, please donate to the cause of bringing her, and her husbands remains back to Southern California.

Serpy has appointed Tiberious to be in charge of handling donations, and he is in direct contact with her family, whom are receiving all monies.
You can find information on how to contact him here http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/3270968/
Please spread the word, please donate if you can even if it's only a dollar. Help bring Serpy home!
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