Cabaret Fur-Le-Fance Final Call for Acts! CaliFur XI

Final Call for Acts!

Califur IX is just around the corner, and Cabaret Fur-Le-Dance will return with many all-new and returning Talents to entertain you on Saturday Evening!

Please be advised of the following:

Performers are advised that there are NO BODYPAINTING SERVICES being offered at the hotel this year. Those whom still wish to be bodypainted for their act are advised to seek services from qualified individuals off hotel premesis.

Minimum Requirements for Costumes can be seen here:

This is the Schedule of Events for Cabaret Performers:

Friday May 31:
11:00am (all day) – CABARET Office Opens - Turn in your Cabaret Participant forms here!

In addition to taking sign-ups, our suite will be available for some off-Stage rehearsing throughout the day. If you are filling this out before the convention, and cannot physically turn them in before the Midnight deadline, then please submit your forms and audio to Stego S. Aurus' email:


Saturday June 1:
9:00am – 12:00pm – Cabaret Rehearsal and Wardrobe Check @ Salon E
If you have any needs to discuss your performance plans, make sure to bring them here. This is especially important for acts appearing in the second half. The hotel has instituted some policy changes that will be addressed at this meeting. EVERY PERFORMER MUST APPEAR SOMETIME DURING THIS SLOT!

6:00pm – 8:00pm - Dress Rehearsal @ Salon E (on stage)
Rehearsal IS MANDATORY!!! Acts will have opportunity to run through their act with CABARET staff, with A/V staff present. Any microphone, or audio issues can be brought up at this time. If you are performing in fursuit, please bring head, paws and foot paws, if you cannot your full suit. There will be a storage area for your boxes in our Green Room backstage.

8:00 pm - Stage Prep. Main Salon area will be cleaned out and final setup/seating will begin
Please take you and all gear/props to the green room (next door to the stage). If your full fursuit or other gear is still in your hotel room, this is your mad dash to start time.

8:15 pm - Doors to the venue will open and seating shall begin
Various shenanigans will be going on to keep the natives from getting restless. ;)

9:00pm - Cabaret Fur Le Dance Starts

11:00 pm – ESTMATED End Time
At the end, there will be a free-form dance number and thank-yous. Please remain in costume if you wish to stick around and participate.

Should you have any additional questions, please contact or, @stego_s_aurus_p on Twitter or @catwoman69y2k on Twitter.

Cabaret Announcement for Califur 2013

A word from Kat Leopardess, one of our Cabaret staff regarding Cabaret acts:

Attention, furgrams! From dance numbers to filking and anything in between … it's time to dig out our best electronics and costuming for Cabaret Fur Le Dance 2013. A Southern California favorite, Cabaret brings you adult-friendly stage entertainment. From suggestive burlesque acts, to talented singers belting out a tune, Cabaret Fur Le Dance is going high tech. Lit costumes are highly encouraged to emphasize any act you might be performing.

This year, Califur (and in turn, Cabaret) will be raising money for the California Wolf Center ( It is our hope that our funds will aid the CWC with introducing more Mexican Grey Wolves back into the wild. Throughout the convention weekend, our programming will be raising funds to supporting the education which the California Wolf Center provides.

Planning can go a long way till we reach run-time and we want you guys to be as prepared as possible. So, here are some guidelines to get you started, as written by our Cabaret 2nd, Zacharaiah:

1) All acts will have their music submitted and approved by the Friday of the convention by midnight. No music, no dance, simple as that. There are NO exceptions.

2) All acts will be approved before rehearsals by either Stego, Myself or the stage manager. If you are approved for the show, we will decide what section of the show you will be placed in.

3) All costuming must stick to the following criteria: Be sure that your minimal/lingerie garments are proper size. Female nipples must also be covered. A sheet of costuming guidelines will be passed out at our Friday meeting/rehearsal (5/31/2013) that will explain this with visuals. Stay tuned for further updates on this.

4) Please, if at all possible, stick to our theme for the con, "Furtual Reality". Meaning of course, nice glowing stripes, colorful “fur-toos” which can be seen well under the lights, etc.

Even if you are unsure that your act fits, please feel free to contact us and suggest your idea. Please email our talent coordinator at and we will get you in touch with our team!

In addition, we want to make sure people understand the following elements which we continue to restrict from any acts appearing in our show:

- Minors. Sorry, you must be at least 18 years old to attend or perform in our show.

- Full Nudity.

- Sexual Acts

- Incendiaries & Explosives

- Projectiles or Any actions which involve throwing objects into the audience

- Body-Fluids of any sort

- Torturing of any living being

- Age Play

- Anything Else that is Illegal in the State of California

Not quite ready to go into the arena?... Become part of the backstage crazyness! Every year, we always need someone to keep our code in order by efficiently moving props and scenery on and off stage. If you wish to volunteer for this, please let us know.
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Califur 2013 March Update!

Greetings Ladies and Gentlefurs!

This is your March update, and we have a lot to cover! So let's get to it!


Califur's room block is filling up fast, so if you intend on getting a room at our convention hotel please make sure to book ASAP! We are out of standard suites, but still have upper tier suites and standard rooms open. Make sure to use the Califur code when obtaining your room, this gives you our set rate and does not increase unlike the AAA rate. Califur's rate also comes with parking passes, which other rates do not.


First off we have our Cabaret; with a good deal of our tickets sold we advise those furs that wish to see the Cabaret to our purchase your tickets ASAP. After having checked the numbers, it was apparent we did not have a lot left. So please make sure you obtain your tickets as soon as you can! We will have some available at the Convention itself, but these are also limited in number.

Cabaret Casting Call!

The Cabaret is looking for musicians, actors, fursuiters, dancers, and many other acts that wish to be in our famous cabaret! We have openings for painted dancers, and many other acts, so if you are interested please let us know! We would love to have you! Please contact Kat and Stego via the contacts link on

Dealer Den and Art Show:

Dealer Den is sold out, and we have a waiting list. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list, please contact Glen via the contacts page of
Art Show is taking in mail in work if artists are interested. This means that the artist would need to contact the co-chair, as he is personally acting as an agent for those artists that wish to mail in work. Vid has a few guidelines for work he is willing to agent, so please let him know as soon as possible if this is something you would like to do.


Califur has been looking for DJs that can play something outside of the electronic genre. We WILL still have DJs for electronic music. There has been a bit of confusion on that. Please note that we are attempting to have something for everyone, as many furs have requested that we also have something else for them as well. The dances will run their scheduled times as long as there are people in the dances to keep them active.

Califur's Program Guide:

As there was some confusion as to what the guide was last year we will be doing a reformat for it this year. This means that you will find a map, list of events, list of gaming events, video room schedule and a slew of other helpful information while you are at con. We no longer have a conbook, so this book works as your information guide. Some artwork will be used within the book, but it will be limited. You will be able to obtain this book at registration, as well as Con Store.

As always, we are here to answer your questions. If you find that you have something you would like to ask Califur staff, give us a shout on any of our social media!
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Ships? motorcycles? Were the circuits like freeways? I kept dreaming of a world I thought I'd never see. And then, one day...
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Pre-Registration closes May 20th!

Pre-reg shuts down Sunday May 20th! Be sure to register now, to save yourself some time and money!
We have ALL levels of memberships available, including single day passes!

Three day attending membership - $40

Sponsor - $80

Patron - $150

Friday ONLY - $25

Saturday ONLY - $30

Sunday ONLY - $20

Also of note: Friday night's dance is BADGE FREE!!! So you can take advantage of a Saturday only badge, and still come out and shake your tail on our dance floor Friday night!

We can't wait to see you in two weeks!
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Califur extends their paw to the Bronies

This year at Califur we're extending a warm paw to all the Bronies, Pegasisters (and just normal pony fans :P) out there!
We have some Brony specific programming planned for Saturday June 2nd. Some of these offerings are even no-badge required events, for the Brony on the budget.

*Starting at 11am, we have the Equestrian Embassy. An all purpose Brony meet to start off the day in the Furum.
At 1:00 pm we have a How to Draw Ponies panel. Hosted by Anuvia, in the Newport Beach Room.
*We'd like to invite anyone with a pony Cosplay to join our fursuit parade at 2:30pm.
*We also have a professional photographer offering free photos in the Furum from 1pm till 7pm, so you can get a nice photo of your costume as well.
*At some point during the afternoon, there will be a Mare-a-thon in our movie room.
*In the evening there will be a Brony Reception in one of the hotel rooms (more info on this to come at the convention).
And at 11pm we will be having our Saturday night dance!
We also have a large Dealer's Hall, which I know several vendors are offering pony stuff this year. You will need a membership to enter the Dealer's Hall.

Events marked with a * means no badge is required to attend this event.
We do sell single day passes on site at the convention, or you can pre-reg now for the entire weekend con for $40 on our website now!

Hope to see some of you there!

Help Bring Serpy Home!!

Yesterday in a terrible accident, the life of a dear fur named Vex was taken. He and his wife Serpy are a friend to many on our staff at Califur. A few months back they moved from So Cal out to the East Coast. Serpy is now stranded out there, and we are asking that anyone who can, please donate to the cause of bringing her, and her husbands remains back to Southern California.

Serpy has appointed Tiberious to be in charge of handling donations, and he is in direct contact with her family, whom are receiving all monies.
You can find information on how to contact him here
Please spread the word, please donate if you can even if it's only a dollar. Help bring Serpy home!
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Califur 2012 Cabaret Fur-Le-Dance: Call for Acts

* Official Cabaret Fur Le Dance Info
* Special Notes for Body Painted Dancers
* Call to Artists: Cabaret Posters
* Special Thanks to FNL

Hey, cats & kittens. Stego and I have been quite the lollygaggers as we survive this century’s Great Recession. However, its about that time again to get our game-face on.

Cabaret Fur Le Dance is rolling it back for 2012. We invite all you hotsy-totsy flappers, dames and even you cake-eaters (that is, the ‘ladies man’/men, if you get my drift.) to submit your acts for Califur 8’s favorite past time …. Cabaret Fur-Le Dance!

A Southern California favorite, Cabaret brings you adult-friendly stage entertainment. Burlesque, talented singers, general-audience (yes, we can be clean too!) performance, fursuit skit antics, and maybe even a jazz man when you consider this year’s theme. Even if you are unsure that your act fits, please feel free to contact us and suggest your idea. Trust me, some of us like our acts all wet from time to time. From sensual to suggestive, we wanna jitterbug into the hearts of all who attend our show.

Suggested media pieces which may inspire you include (but surely are not limited to):

The Lights of New York (1928), Enemies of Women (1923), Little Ceasar (1931—Great for those who dig scenes of the good ol’ Chicago typewriter/Tommygun), Looks Very Jolly, Doesn’t It? (1921),

Steamboat Willie, Scarface: Shame of a Nation (1932), The Jazz Singer (1927—the first “talkie”), Who Framed Roger Rabbit (created in ‘88, inspired by the 1920s era), Betty Boop, Dangerous Nan McGrew (1930)….

Our music selection is going to be quite interesting this year, so we invite as many of you to get creative. The electro-swing/nu-jazz genre of modern day could be a great gap to bridge between old and new. But if you are curious, here are some musical pieces from the 1920s:

Duke Ellington Orchestra – What Can A Poor Fellow Do (1927):

Henry Burr – Time After Time (1922) -

George Olsen – Doin the Raccoon (1928) :

Ben Selven – Love, Your Spell is Everywhere(1929) -

Landry Orchestra – Five Foot Two Eyes of Blue/Has Anyone Seen My Gal? (1925) -

Manhattan Dance Makers – Sleepy Time Gal (1925) -

Earl Burtnett and Orchestra – Sing Another Chorus (1931) -

Coon Sanders Nighthawks – The Flippity Flop (1929) -

For more information and to keep in contact with us, feel free to join the official Califur forums:

If you need a bit of help with your routine and are into working with some of the interesting(read: funny as heck) lingo, take a look at the Jazz Age Slang Glossary located here:

Special Note and restrictions: You must be at least 18 years old to attend or perform in our show. The only EXCEPTIONS which we will advise Not be shown on stage will be acts which contain:

- Sexual Acts
- Incendiaries & Explosives
- Projectiles
- Body-Fluids of any sort
- Torturing of any living being
- Age Play
- Anything Else that is Illegal in the State of California (we sure dont want those snoopy coppers showing up!)

If you have been thinking about performing on stage, but have had reservations about doing so, Fear Not: Cabaret Fur-le-Dance is a “NO CAMERAS EVENT”. With thanks to Rivercoon, only those whom participate on stage in the Cabaret will be able to get Official Con Footage of their performance. This Means that to See the action in Cabaret Fur-le-Dance, you’ve got to Be There!!!

For those curious about where your simoleons go, both the cabaret ticket and any scratch that you give to our performers, we have chosen the World Wildlife Foundation ( Tigers and red pandas need help from being rubbed out completely, so start saving those dollars now!

Still wanna be a part of Cabaret but not quite ready to be under those hot lights? Become a stage hand. Every year, we always need someone to wrangle those important props and scenery that some of our skits love to use. If you wish to volunteer for this, feel free to contact us as well.


With the dedication of Rubberzebra, our hotstepping hoofers will be ready to bring further antics and performances complete with bodypaint. Yes, that means we have 2 more slots available for others who wish to also get painted (either partially or full body). Remember, you must be comfortable with nudity if you are going to go beyond just the face, hands and/or feet.

To get in on this, contact our talent coordinator at: kat (dot) leopardessofzion (at) gmail (dot) com. In order to best communicate the species and look you intend to look, gather as many references (drawn or photo) as possible. This is especially imperative if your character has very specific markings (stencils may need to be created). Please do this ASAP.

If you are curious on where to get paint that is friendly towards an airbrush, here are the companies you can order from. PLEASE GET IN CONTACT WITH ME BEFORE purchasing your paint as this is something you must purchase on your own. In addition, we might be able to help you figure out how much paint you need for each color. (Michael Davy – Florida) (Airbrush Bodyart – Australia. If you use these guys, be sure to check stock first. This can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks to arrive from overseas. While they have had some unforeseeable delays, this stuff seems to last the longest (just ask Kat, who often has paint on her over 25 days after Califur has ended). – Recommended by last year’s bodypainter, Kyrene. PAX paint. This is a local vendor of these but I have no idea how well they stock the stuff. Rubberzebra has more knowledge on this kind of paint than I do.

Definitely contact us first before purchasing as you will need to know how much to prepare for mixing for whatever products you use. We are not restricting you to these above brands, but these are the ones that this year’s body painter does have some experience with. When possible, I will do my best to keep people abreast of this situation on the Califur forums ( We even have a private (password locked) sub-forum for you to plan and plot in these next few months (contact us for that info or post in the public area of the forums).


Calling All Artists: Should you wish for your skills to be seen, we invite artists to create some 1920’s themed Posters in your art style that will be printed and distributed to the Furry Public before and during the Convention! This is a free advertising opportunity, at no cost to you, which will help spread the word of Cabaret and help bring in more donations to our Charity! All art must maintain a G->PG rating, due to these being placed in the public areas of the hotel. 11X17” color prints will be given out, and You will receive a 17x22” color copy of what you supply to us!

Califur Cabaret 2011 Wrap-Up:

We wish to thank all of our previous years participants for showing your all on-stage last year! Taping of the event was thanks to Super Jayhawk and the FNL Video crew! Once they have finished editing the Video footage, personalized copies of the Cabaret Video will be distributed to all the participants.

-We hope to see you there!

Stego – Cabaret Lead

Zacharaiah – Cabaret 2nd

Kat – Talent Coordinator